Sorry for the long delay and downtime, but moving from one website provider to another proved to be more complicated than expected.

Here, for your perusal, is v.2.0. Same shop, same guy, fewer products and hopefully an easier site to navigate.

We’re not quite ready to take orders on the site yet – payment windows need configuring etc. But should be fixed very soon. We just need to move the old Nets agreement from the old site (no wonder Nets card payment services have record profits – they appear to have no staff and are incredibly slow to respond!) and get it implemented before we can take Dankort but we’ll be able to take other cards very soon.

As we refuse to sell bikes mail order, you won’t see them for sale here but there will be a little selection for online perusal. In the meantime, check out:

Please let us know what you think about the site so far. More products will be added when there is time. What’s up so far are just some of our most popular items. Next to go up will be care products from Euroline, MTB clothing from Endura and unusual tyres from Onza.